Save More on Energy with a Geothermal System

When you make the choice to purchase a heating system for your home, your first instinct may be to go with a traditional method such as a furnace or a gas fireplace.

But what you may not know – what many homeowners don’t know – is this: geothermal heating solutions offer equally effective ways to stay warm throughout the winter while also offering increased efficiency, reduced costs, and several other benefits that make them an attractive option for keeping out of the cold.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating Solutions

Geothermal heating provides you with the option of making the most of an energy source you already own, such as your land or water. Because this is a more renewable and efficient source of heating your home, it helps you save energy. Take a look at some other advantages:

- Save Money
- Customization
- Better for environment
- Odorless
- Protection
- Safety

Efficiency & Operational Costs

Maintenance & Reliability

Geothermal Pump Leasing

Choose American Mechanical For your Geothermal Installation

Another major consideration that needs to be taken into account is the installation process. The process of installing a geothermal pump in your home is quite complicated and definitely should be performed by an experienced professional. It can also be quite intrusive in the case of retrofitting existing homes, especially where radiant floor heating is being installed.

Whether it is a retrofit or a new build, the ground around the site is going to have to be extensively dug up to accommodate the pipe array. This will mean it will have to be re-landscaped afterward, and any landscaping features already present will probably need to be moved or destroyed.

When all is said and done, geothermal heat pumps are easily one of the greenest, most efficient, and cost-effective methods of heating or cooling a home that is available on the market today and it’s no surprise that they are finally coming into more common use after over 50 years on the sidelines.